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WebTop100 2008

Picabo Company reached the 7th position in the stiff competition of the Auto-moto branch chart with the project of www.fiat.cz.

Zlatý středník 2004 (Golden Semicolon 2004)

The third place in the category Best company multimedia presentation for the Fiat Gamma CD

Zlatý středník 2004 (Golden Semicolon 2004)

Professional level certificate for the multimedia CD Fiat Panda 4x4 More information
At the end of 2007 our company, ARCHER SHERIDAN s.r.o., the operator of the franchise HERTZ Lease in the Czech Republic, was engaged in the difficult task of finding a new and professional partner in the area of network administration and supply of hardware and software products and solutions. The winner of our tender was the company Picabo.

During our very first meeting we were immediately impressed by Picabo's unique approach to their customers. In particular the chairman of the board, Mr. Jan Šarapatka, was quite competent in explaining which services they could offer us and outlining their ability to adapt individually to our specific requirements.
We felt assured of the comprehensive range of services they can provide. At present the services we utilize include regular network administration, supply of HW and SW, custom-made modular web applications, webhosting and they are always provided to our upmost satisfaction.

The services provided by Picabo and in our view the coordination abilities and professional approach of the staff, are all on a very high level. Picabo's reliability, eagerness, willingness, cooperation, and in particular their ability to solve all our requirements individually and at a high level are just some of the reasons why our company HERTZ Lease can ardently recommend this business partner to any and all potential clients.

Michal Kotrba
Regional Manager for Czech Republic
HERTZ Lease (Archer Sheridan s.r.o.) More information

General information

Picabo Helpdesk is an integral product for incidence collection from customers and it is designated for companies providing any services requiring continual support. Picabo Helpdesk is a web-oriented application – a user can log on from the Internet (e.g. on the service provider web pages) and enter any request or draw attention to a problem or dysfunction. On the provider’s side Picabo Helpdesk provides the individual operators or system administrators with the possibility to monitor and resolve the individual customer-entered incidences and monitor their life-cycles.
Picabo.cz, a.s. uses this product for its network management customers who can enter and monitor the network user request and their resolution by service personnel.
It is possible to integrate Picabo Helpdesk with Picabo Tasklist and acquire even more powerful tool for controlling and resolving incidences.

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