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New WebAdmin 2010

We have issued a new 2010 version of the WebAdmin editorial system. More information

The webStorage System

We have issued the webStorage system for publishing photos and business materials. More information

Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi MotorsWe have started to cooperate with Mitsubishi Motors. More information

Pizzeria Kmotra

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Lázně Letiny

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QBE Bonusový program

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WebTop100 2008

Picabo Company reached the 7th position in the stiff competition of the Auto-moto branch chart with the project of www.fiat.cz.

Zlatý středník 2004 (Golden Semicolon 2004)

The third place in the category Best company multimedia presentation for the Fiat Gamma CD

Zlatý středník 2004 (Golden Semicolon 2004)

Professional level certificate for the multimedia CD Fiat Panda 4x4 More information
Picabo has technically realized three large project for ZOOM International: a large web presentation in three language versions, a partner portal and a presentation portal. All these projects take an advantage of the “content management” system – both for a custom-modified “open source” system and for a system developed by Picabo itself.
Picabo approached all the projects in a really professional way and they always strived to comply with all requests from ZOOM to our absolute satisfaction.

Dalibor Kuběna
Marketing and Communication Manager
ZOOM International s.r.o. More information

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